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Suspecting that the robbers had run into Mirador Mansion, the police deployed a large number of officers to search inside the building, but nothing suspicious was detected.Three African men were arrested after a South Asian woman was robbed in Tsim Sha Tsui and lost HK$600,000 of medical fees for her grandson.Kowloon West's Regional Crime Unit is investigating.

Police are investigating a suspected murder in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday, in which a 29-year-old Asian man was found dead.Hidden under a flyover in Tsim Sha Tsui, this cooked food market has been around for more than 40 years. After a snazzy makeover in 2020, the spacious market is now home to nine cooked food stalls, many of which are long-established names. Try local delicacies such as Hap Heung Garden's satay beef noodles, Wah Heung Yuen's famous pork chops, Man Kee's Hainan chicken rice, and a definite must-try, Tak Fat's beef balls.

Police found the 29-year-old man's bloodstained body lying behind a cubicle door. He was certified dead at the scene.BentallGreenOakAlong with a pop-up store in mid-May!Ikea set to open new location in Tsim Sha Tsui this AugustPolice said they received a report from a passerby that a woman was attacked by a group of men at the junction of Nathan Road and Carnarvon Road, and robbed of a handbag containing about HK$600,000 in cash and a mobile phone worth about HK$10,000.A post-mortem examination will be carried out today to determine how he died. Lofter Group



近日,旺角太子地區的房地產市場再度掀起波瀾,一個令人期待已久的消息即將成為現實。據內部消息透露,這個風景秀麗、交通便利的地區即將推出全新住宅樓盤,引發了市場的廣泛關注與期待。 新樓盤位於旺角太子的黃金地段,毗鄰綠意盎然的公園、多個購物中心,以及優秀的學校等生活設施。這一地段的優越性質,使其成為投資者和購房者的理想選擇。 據開發商透露,新樓盤將採用現代化的建築設計與綠色環保的理念,提供多種不同格局和

「將酒店和旅館轉作青年宿舍用途的資助計劃」下第3個項目昨日批出。該個青年宿舍項目位於深水埗鴨寮街86及88號,整幢物業共有42間房間,最多提供84個宿位,命名為「仲學舍」,是首個位於九龍的項目。根據其網頁介紹,宿位平均租金3,000元,但租戶必須在一年內參與不少於200小時的社區或志願服務。香港文匯報訊 青年宿舍 「仲學舍」項目由劉葉淑婉紀念慈善基金與華人置業集團合作推出。申請者必須是18歲至31

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