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Police searched for the suspects in the area and launched a pursuit, arresting three African men aged 37 to 42 at the junction of Carnarvon Road and Bristol Ave. But the police did not find the lost money, believing it was taken by others in the gang.RestaurantsAt about 5.30pm, Chungking Mansions guesthouse staff called Police to report finding a man lying unconscious inside a cubicle.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is opening an all-new location this August! Setting up shop at K11 Art Mall, the 15,000sq ft space will be a new 'Plan and Order Point' divided into a home furnishing area, a home planning hub, and a bistro with Ikea's popular small bites and treats.More>>Schroders CapitalThe female victim suffered back and elbow injuries, and was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.It was understood that the money was medical fees for the woman's grandson.Hankow RoadThe case was referred to the Yau Tsim Police District for follow-up and the other men were wanted.Tsim Sha TsuiHaiphong Road Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

The Standard ChannelTo celebrate the new opening (and to test the waters), Ikea will be having a special 'Tsim Shark Tsui' pop-up on May 20 at K11 Art Mall. Nothing else has been revealed yet aside from the date, so watch this space for more details coming soon!The 42-year-old woman was attacked by more than a dozen people at about 2am on Sunday near Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui. After snatching her handbag with cash, the robbers immediately scattered.Ikea




如果是新樓,業主收到發展商的入伙信後,就可在指定日期到交樓處辦理手續,之後發展商的「交樓大使」會陪同業主到單位作簡單檢驗,並提供一份缺陷清單(Defect List),收樓當日起,業主可自行驗樓或聘請專職驗樓人士代勞。驗樓需要哪些工具?行內術語消委會驗樓建議:點判斷驗樓師合唔合資格?自己驗會搞到遲入伙?不少媒體或網站均尊稱驗樓人士為驗樓師,但消委會指,香港並沒有任何法定的驗樓師資格及認證方式。

這個問題涉及到許多個人因素和家庭情況,沒有一個絕對正確的答案。每個人的情況和需求都是獨特的,因此入住護老院是否更好取決於個人的健康狀況、家庭支持和社區資源等因素。 入住護老院的優點可能包括: 專業照顧:護老院提供專業的醫療和照護服務,可以確保長者得到適切的護理和監護,特別是對那些有特殊醫療需求或需要日常生活援助的長者而言。 社交環境:護老院提供社區生活環境,讓長者可以與其他老年人建立社交關係、參與

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