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20220524 Hot News of Hong Kong

Together with its global fund manager partners, Lofter Group is paying over HK$1.5 billion ($190 million) to acquire a set of properties at 31-37 Hankow Road in the Kowloon shopping district, with plans to construct a 115,800 square foot (10,7589 square metre) project on the site, the company said in a statement.

“We are pleased to be partnering with BentallGreenOak and Schroders Capital on this strategic real estate acquisition in one of the most core commercial area in Hong Kong,” said Lofter founder and chairperson Carol Chow. “The partnership signifies an excellent synergy bringing together the global horizons of top-tier international private equity and asset management firms and deep local market knowledge and expertise of a reputable local developer.”

Hong Kong customs officers have confiscated more than HK$10 million (US$1.2 million) worth of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products at three of the city’s control points after a ban on alternative smoking items came into effect in April.

Assistant Superintendent Lie Yan-ning of customs’ air cargo search unit said on Tuesday that most of the illicit cigarettes were found hidden in nine parcels at the cargo terminal of Hong Kong International Airport and one consignment at Shenzhen Bay control point.

Lofter and its partners are acquiring the aging properties as Hong Kong’s pandemic restrictions have choked off the flow of visitors which had made Tsim Sha Tsui a shopping mecca. Hong Kong retail sales fell for a second consecutive month in March, according to government figures, and research by Savills shows that rents for shops and mall spaces fell by an average of 5 percent in the city during the first quarter.

Retail Value Emphasised

Before redeveloping the 9,650 square foot commercial site, which is currently occupied by a golf shop and other retail establishments, the three partners will have to gain full control of the buildings, with the announced purchase providing them with majority ownership of the properties.

carol Lofter Group

Lofter founder Carol Chow

Catholic churches in Hong Kong will not hold their annual mass for victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown for the first time in three decades, citing “concerns from frontline colleagues on whether the event would contravene the national security law”.

The Hong Kong Catholic diocese announced its decision on Tuesday, saying: “According to the Catholic faith, we can commemorate the deceased in different ways, holding a mass is of course one way, but just praying for the deceased in private or in small groups will also be very meaningful.”

“The attractive acquisition price can only be achieved by collective sale, which Lofter is very experienced in,” the group’s director of investment management Alvin Leung told Mingtiandi via email. “Our acquisition price is also way below the price of the nearby Ashley Road transaction in 2019,” he added.

Leung indicated that the group has acquired 97 percent ownership in the existing buildings, with a single unit remaining unpurchased. He added that the joint venture has applied for a compulsory sale of the remaining space in the building, which under Hong Kong law, would allow for owners of 80 percent or more in an aging property to force a tender at a market valuation.



近日,旺角太子地區的房地產市場再度掀起波瀾,一個令人期待已久的消息即將成為現實。據內部消息透露,這個風景秀麗、交通便利的地區即將推出全新住宅樓盤,引發了市場的廣泛關注與期待。 新樓盤位於旺角太子的黃金地段,毗鄰綠意盎然的公園、多個購物中心,以及優秀的學校等生活設施。這一地段的優越性質,使其成為投資者和購房者的理想選擇。 據開發商透露,新樓盤將採用現代化的建築設計與綠色環保的理念,提供多種不同格局和

「將酒店和旅館轉作青年宿舍用途的資助計劃」下第3個項目昨日批出。該個青年宿舍項目位於深水埗鴨寮街86及88號,整幢物業共有42間房間,最多提供84個宿位,命名為「仲學舍」,是首個位於九龍的項目。根據其網頁介紹,宿位平均租金3,000元,但租戶必須在一年內參與不少於200小時的社區或志願服務。香港文匯報訊 青年宿舍 「仲學舍」項目由劉葉淑婉紀念慈善基金與華人置業集團合作推出。申請者必須是18歲至31

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