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  • Connie Tsum

勞 工 處 職位 空缺-Technical Support Officer


Technical Support Officer

Job Highlights

  • Higher Diploma or above in Computer Science

  • Minimum 3 years of information technology

  • ● Good team player

Job Description Responsibilities:

  • Provide full spectrum of in house IT support and troubleshooting on computer devices, AV system, video conferencing and handheld devices;

  • Perform hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrade and replacement;

  • Provide network administration to all infrastructure components including firewall, switches, routers, FTP & VPN solution;

  • Responsible for the routine administration and maintenance of company server, network and security control, backup/restore, patch upgrade, system monitoring, health check, disaster recovery, etc;

  • Review and optimize existing IT system;

  • Assist to handle any ad-hoc projects upon requests by supervisor;

  • Provide instruction and training to colleagues.

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What is the role of an IT support officer?

The IT Support Officer role is responsible for supporting all aspects of the IT systems and services. Additionally, the role includes responsibility for ensuring the security and integrity of computer operations and systems development in accordance with the firm's strategic plan & IT plan.




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